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minimizing discomfort after your plastic surgery

Dr. Mayfield's Six Steps to Minimizing Surgical Discomfort

Prior to plastic surgery procedures performed by Dr. Mayfield, many of our patients express concern about how much discomfort they will have following surgery and during recuperation. To ensure that everything possible is done to minimize postoperative pain, Dr. Mayfield utilizes a six-step strategy for every plastic surgery procedure he performs.

While it is not possible to make any surgery completely pain-free, Dr. Mayfield has succeeded in reducing the discomfort that patients experience following plastic surgery procedures.

The six-step plan to minimize discomfort following cosmetic plastic surgery procedures includes these elements:

  1. Dr. Mayfield and his office nursing staff perform patient education regarding pain control before all plastic surgery procedures. This discussion includes ways that patients must limit their physical activities so their recovery can proceed without worsening the postoperative pain or increasing the risks of complications. We strive to give patients their prescriptions for pain relievers, muscle relaxants (breast lift and augmentation) and anti-nausea medicines prior to surgery, so that they may begin to use them as soon as needed postoperatively.
  2. Dr. Mayfield employs exceptionally gentle tissue handling techniques during plastic surgery procedures to minimize trauma and the resulting discomfort.
  3. Dr. Mayfield applies long-acting local anesthetics to surgical sites whenever possible before the completion of the procedure, so that pain centers are not stimulated early in the recovery period following plastic surgery procedures.
  4. We use only board qualified/certified physician anesthesiologists, and their certified registered nurse anesthetist associates during every plastic surgery procedure, to ensure patient safety and to administer pain and anti-nausea medications during and before the completion of each plastic surgery procedure.

    Following completion of the plastic surgery procedure, the anesthesiologists and recovery room staffs communicate with the patient when they first awaken and provide pain medication as soon as the patient reports discomfort - prior to the onset of any significant pain.
  5. Dr. Mayfield has found excellent success using the On-Q® Painbuster® postoperative pain relief system for selected plastic surgery procedures. This simple and completely portable apparatus is carried in a pouch or attached to the patient's clothing and requires little to no management or intervention by the patient or caregiver. Tiny catheters provide a continuous infusion of a local non-narcotic anesthetic directly into the surgical site for effective postoperative pain reduction for several days. The catheters may be removed at home, without a trip to the office.
  6. Dr. Mayfield and his office nursing staff remain in close contact with patients during their recuperation following plastic surgery procedures, to make certain that any discomfort is controlled as much as possible. The postoperative pain medication regimen may be adjusted as needed, using different medications if necessary.

Remember that minimizing postoperative discomfort involves Dr. Mayfield, the anesthesiologists, the recovery room and office nursing staffs, and patients all working together. Each individual has an important role in working to minimize pain following plastic surgery procedures.

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