After thirty years of solo Plastic Surgery practice, Kevin B. Mayfield, M.D., F.A.C.S. has permanently closed his office at 8230 Beckett Park Drive in West Chester, Ohio.

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maximizing safety during your plastic surgery

Dr. Mayfield's Six Steps to Maximizing Surgical Safety

For Dr. Mayfield and his staff, patient safety is the number one priority. To make sure that everything possible is done to maintain a high level of patient safety, Dr. Mayfield utilizes a six-step strategy that is followed consistently for every one of his plastic surgery patients.

The six-step plan to maximize plastic surgery safety includes these elements:

  1. We ask our patients to describe to us in detail any allergies, medical problems and previous surgeries, as well as medications (both nonprescription and prescription) or vitamin/herbal supplements they may take. This allows us to understand any special needs of our patients and fully prepare for any future plastic surgery procedures they may have.
  2. When necessary, we maintain close communications with the patient's referring or primary care physician, as well as any specialists, regarding medical conditions and/or medications that may impact the outcome of the plastic surgery procedure. We do not hesitate to send any patient with known or questionable medical problems to see their primary care physician, or any necessary specialists, for the purpose of optimizing their medical condition prior to performing plastic surgery procedures.
  3. We use only board qualified/certified physician anesthesiologists and their certified registered nurse anesthetist associates for all procedures that require general anesthesia or sedation. We often discuss any medical conditions and/or medications that may impact the outcome of the plastic surgery procedure with the anesthesiologist prior to surgery.
  4. Dr. Mayfield performs all surgical procedures requiring more than a local anesthetic in the safety of area state-of-the-art hospitals, surgical hospitals, or ambulatory surgery centers. These facilities are fully licensed and accredited by organizations such as The Joint Commission and the federal government (Medicare) to assure the highest standards in patient care procedures, equipment, sterility, lighting, and pharmaceuticals.

    To eliminate the risk of wrong site surgery, Dr. Mayfield has a discussion with each patient prior to the administration of sedation or anesthesia, and his initials are placed on the planned operative site.
  5. We provide detailed preoperative and postoperative teaching (with written instructions) to our patients and their families or other caregivers, so they know what to expect before and after the plastic surgery procedure and how to identify if there are problems following plastic surgery procedures.
  6. Dr. Mayfield personally provides postoperative coverage for emergencies following plastic surgery procedures that he performs. Dr. Mayfield is the only surgeon involved in the care of the patient starting with the initial consultation and continuing through the preoperative visit, the plastic surgery procedure, the suture removal, and all postoperative care. This way, if a problem arises after the surgery, the surgeon responding to the emergency is the one who knows the case the best.

Remember that maximizing surgical safety involves everyone including our patients and their families or other caregivers, primary care physicians and specialists, anesthesiologists, nurses, staff, and Dr. Mayfield all working together toward a common goal: assuring the safest possible surgical experience.

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