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breast implant replacement and removal

Breast Implant Removal (explantation) or Replacement

While breast augmentation with implants can enhance a woman's figure and self-esteem, there are circumstances when breast implant removal is either desirable or necessary. Breast implant removal, also known as explantation, is most commonly performed because of a change in the size and shape of the breasts, implant leakage, deflation, or rupture, or contracture of the scar tissue capsule resulting in hardening of the breast. Other less common reasons for implant removal are implant wrinkling, infection, asymmetry, breast sagging, health concerns, or the diagnosis of breast cancer.

The scar tissue capsule that is present around the implant may also require removal (capsulectomy), especially if the breast implants are not being replaced, if new breast implants are being inserted in a different position (under versus over the muscle), or if there is evidence of silicone breast implant leakage or rupture.

Depending on the circumstances and personal preferences, women may be candidates for breast implant replacement with saline-filled or silicone gel implants, either at the same time as breast implant removal, or several months or years later.

Dr. Mayfield has extensive experience performing breast implant removal and capsulectomy procedures resulting in natural appearing breasts without disfigurement, as well as immediate and delayed implant replacement. He will occasionally recommend delaying implant replacement and/or breast lift (mastopexy) techniques for several months following breast implant removal when significant sagging of the breasts has developed following the initial placement of the implants.

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