design your own open house at Kevin Mayfield Plastic Surgery

"Design-Your-Own" Open House at Kevin Mayfield Plastic Surgery

Why wait until the spring or fall to attend a cosmetic plastic surgery open house? You and a group of your friends or family can select the day, the time, and the topic(s) of your choice!

At Kevin Mayfield Plastic Surgery, we offer "Design-Your-Own" Open Houses with several distinct advantages when compared to a typical open house. Your personal complementary open house will be:

All those attending will receive 20% discounts on cosmetic surgery or skin rejuvenation procedures, as well as 10% discounts on skin care products, when purchased during your event. Everyone also receives valuable coupons for future purchases at Kevin Mayfield Plastic Surgery. If desired, your group may arrange to proceed with skin rejuvenation treatments (Botox/wrinkle fillers, etc.) during the open house.

Call Janet at 513.856.8100 to "Design-Your-Own" Open House today!

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